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Halves City

Halves City is a town of ruins which has become the place of refuge for a small group of "Halves".

In a world where the humans are distrustful or even hostile towards elves, orcs, beastmen, mages and other groups, the "Halves", half-breeds of humans and other races, are disdained and persecuted. Few in numbers as they are, they experience little else than hostility and don't get the chance to live a normal life.

In this situation a few of them remember the legend of an old lost city. It is said that once it was the city of tolerance where the races coexisted peacefully and the arts flourished.

A long time ago it was destroyed by its enemies and now there are only ruins. It is avoided by the humans. Rumour has it that there is an old curse, but maybe it's just the avoidance of coping with the past.

Now the city is populated anew. At first there are only few — yet who knows what will evolve from it?

This is the birth of Halves City, the city of the Halves.

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