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The Inhabitants of Halves City

This is the small group of "Halves", which found their place of refuge in Halves City.

Rena Rena is the head of the small group. The half elf tries to organize a peaceful living together of the different personalities and to protect the community against threatening dangers. Her weapons are the bow and the sai.

Yuna Yuna is half beastman, young und often a bit impetuous. Actually she doesn't like cities but rather lives in the wilderness. However, she trusts in Renas leadership. The language of the animals and nature magic belong to her abilities.

Arak The half orc Arak is one of the first inhabitants of Halves City. Although his demeanor seems threatening sometimes, he is proficient not only in the art of fighting but also in the art of healing. Furthermore, he always appreciates a good story.

Toka Toka is half human and half demon. She's regarded as troublemaker und you never know when her demonic side shows up. Nevertheless she's looking for the protection of Halves City and she's a valuable support at hunting.

The community is always open for new arrivals who want to join Halves City.

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